Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 & 2030

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indian infotech share price target

Hello friends, in this article I will tell you about Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 & 2030. If you are also interested in knowing about Indian Infotech then, please read this full article.

I will not only tell you all about the Indian Infotech Share Price Target but I will also tell about the future of this company, management of the company. And, I will also tell about the business model of this company and also we will talk about the risk investing in this company.

We should know about the company and it’s business structure before investing in any company. If we seriously wanted to profit by investing in any company’s share then, first we must know about it’s business and management. And, this article is for investors who wanted to invest in this company or are interested in knowing about this company. So, if you are one of them then, please this full article carefully.

So, friends let start discussing about what can be the Indian Infotech Share Price Target form 2023 to 2030? But before taking about the share price target of the company in coming years first I would like to tell you all about the details and management of this company so, that you guys can understand this company and then, make your decision of whether to invest in this particular company or not.

Details about Indian Infotech company

Indian Infotech company, the name of this company clearly tells about the sector of this company which is Tech Industry. This company is a NBFC (Non Banking Financial Services) and it gives financial and NBFC related services only. This company was started in early 80’s, i.e., in 1982.

If you guys are in search of a penny stock or you wanted to invest in a penny stock then, I must tell you that Indian Infotech is also a penny stock and it’s current price is just ₹2.10. But is it a good penny stock or not that I will tell later in this article.

This company provides debt to companies which work in Information Technology and Software Services and this is the major work which this company does and people know this company because of this only that it provides loan or debt to companies.

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023

The sector in which this company operates is evergreen kind of a sector as it provides loan to companies in need and the demand of loan for companies is always there and that’s why it is a kind of a good sector. The demand of loan by companies is always there and it operates in that only.

We can say that if Indian Infotech properly does it work of providing loans to companies in need very well then, we can say that it can make it’s investors good profit. And talking about loans, the companies which wanted to expand or grow needs money for that and if they doesn’t have money for expansion of their company. Then, they take loans from companies like Indian Infotech and they benefit a lot by providing or giving these loans to companies.

If we talk about Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023 then, in 2023 there are very less chances of Indian Infotech to give good results and because if that it’s first target for this year would be around ₹2.7 and it’s next target can be seen around ₹3.6 that too if it gives good quarterly results this year.

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Can Indian Infotech become a multibagger stock?

This company can become a good Multibagger Penny Stock and it can also give Multibagger returns to it’s investors but it depends on the following things if this company fix all those then, we can say it would be a really nice investment to get Multibagger returns.

  • If this company fixes it’s management properly.
  • If it grows it’s revenue every quarter.
  • Shows good growth in every subsequent quarter.
  • And if it properly manages it’s business and control it’s losses.

If this company religiously and properly fix all of the big issues in it’s management and business structure. Then, surely Indian Infotech can become a multibagger stock in future.

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2024

Now, company is showing a little growth consistently. If we see the holdings of this company then, the public holdings of this company is 86.01% and it’s promoters holdings in the company is remaining 13.99% which is not a good sign for any company. Because a good company always has holdings of it’s promoters more than that of public holding.

If we talk about the Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2024 then. it’s first target for year 2024 would be around ₹4.5 and it’s next target can be seen at ₹5.5.

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2025

Guys, if you are thinking about investing in Indian Infotech stock then, this investment can definitely work or give you good return on investment in long term view as this company is in NBFC sector and companies under NBFC Sector have performed really well in past like Bajaj Finance, Muthoot Finance, SBI Cards, Mahindra Finance, Shriram Finance, etc.

But this company can also give good returns and can become multibagger if it start giving debt to multiple bigger companies frequently and consistently. And grow it’s business to big level like Bajaj Finance and many other NBFC companies. The amount of risk is on the higher side if you are investing for short term view in this stock. But the risk seems less if you invest in this company with a long term view.

If we see the Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2025, then, the first target for year 2025 for this company would be around ₹7.5 and the second target would be around ₹9.

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2026

No matter what you believe for this company but the biggest positive thing about Indian Infotech company is that it is debt-free company. It provides debt to other companies which are in need but this company itself is a debt-free company and has no debt on it.

But on the other side, this company has a weak fundamentals and it is also is a small cap company so, the risk in investing in this stock would always be on higher side. And, this company is also a penny stock company so, operators will also be very active in this stock and because of operators presence sudden price fluctuation can also be seen in this stock. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like volatility in stock prices then, this stock isn’t for you and you shouldn’t invest in this stock.

Now, if we see the possible Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2026 then, it’s first target would be around ₹10 and it’s second target would be seen around ₹12.

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Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2030

As I told you above in this article that Indian Infotech is not looking good for short term investment. But it can definitely give good returns if you invest with a long term view. In the coming years, if this company makes good decisions and works in right direction with giving good quarterly results consistently. Then, this company can surely grow big and can give multibagger returns to it’s investors till 2030.

But friends I would like to mention again that it totally depends on the company that how will it make its fundamentals strong and expand it’s business further. The ROE of this company is also less. And because of low ROE, it is very doubtful that can it grow and give good returns till 2030.

The first Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2030 for year 2030 would be around ₹18 and it’s next target can be around ₹27.

And, I will repeat again that it all depends on the company if it doesn’t perform good in upcoming years then, the target would be less than the above mentioned target price and it is also possible that it can also exceed our expectation and go much above our expected target if it performs exceedingly well in upcoming years.

Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 & 2030 List Table

YearShare Price Target
2023₹2.7 – ₹3.6
2024₹4.5 – ₹5.5
2025₹7.5 – ₹9
2026₹10 – ₹12
2030₹18 – ₹27


So, friends you have read about Indian Infotech Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 & 2030 in this article and I hope that you have liked the article and also learned about Indian Infotech company.

And, please ask your financial advisor before investing in any stock for short term or long term and also share this article with your friends and family if you like this article so that they can also read this article and learn about Indian Infotech company.


What does Indian Infotech Company do?

Indian Infotech Company provides financial services, personal loan, corporate loan and NBFC Services.

When was Indian Infotech company established?

Indian Infotech company was established in 1982 in Mumbai, India.

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