Ghanshyam Tech Net Worth, Biggest Profit and Trading Secret

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Ghanshyam Tech

Ghanshyam Tech

Ghanshyam Tech Biography

Real NameGhanshyam Yadav
Youtube NameGhanshyam Tech
Date of Birth30 September, 1986
Weight70 Kgs
Height5.7 ft
BirthplaceDeoria, Uttar Pradesh
Current ResidenceMumbai, India
Wife OccupationHousewife
EducationB.Tech (Graduate)
OccupationFull-time Trader
HobbiesTrading, Investing & Music
Net Worth100 Crore (estimated)
Monthly Trading Income1.5 Crore+
Youtube ChannelsGhanshyam Tech and Art of Trading

Ghanshyam Tech’s Background

Ghanshyam Tech is from a village called Deoria, which is 60km far from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He come from a lower class family, his father was a labour group employee(or D category employee) in Ordinance Factory, Kanpur. He did his High School studies and Intermediate in Kanpur. Then, he shifted to Mumbai to do B.Tech.

His struggling days

While doing his engineering, he also did many part time jobs like banner printing, poster printing, fixing no-parking and electricity board and also did watchman job at night time.

How he came to know about trading?

He has a friend in college whose father was a trader and investor. So that was the fist time where he heard about stock market and trading. And he started learning and understanding about stock market and trading from his friend’s father.

Ghanshyam Tech’s Initial Trading Journey

He started trading with a capital of Rs. 5000. Then, he started investing in penny stocks by reading books and recommendations and lost his entire capital doing that.

Ghanshyam Tech

He started doing trading regularly when he got a job after his B.Tech. in 2010. He use to spent half of his salary in trading and other half in rent and food. His job timing was from 11 a.m. and that time stock market used to open at 10 a.m. So, before going to his job, he use to trade in that opening one hour.

Why he doesn’t take overnight positions?

He says that he wanted to sleep with peace at night and don’t want to watch Dow and SGX Nifty all night.

How big money is made in stock market?

His belief is that “Real and big money is made by taking risk on profits not on the capital in stock market.”

How he got into Options Trading?

Early he use to give stock market training. Once he gone to Hyderabad in 2017, there he met a person named Anand, who told him that he made Rs.16 Lakhs profit from a capital of Rs.3 Lakhs in just three months but then, he lost all of his profit and capital in the next three months. That was the first time when he realized the power of options trading.

So, he started doing research about options from 2017 and next three years he only learned and researched by taking small trades with 25 to 50 quantities. Then, he started trading in Banknifty options full time since 2019. He chose Banknifty over Nifty as he is very good in reading banks charts.

Ghanshyam Tech’s Learning Phase

He says that he use to watch and read charts for eight hours a day. And he sleeps for only 4 hours and after waking up he again use to read and understand charts. At that time, he remembered supports and resistances of all Nifty 500 stocks.

He says that he is focused in trading Banknifty only and that’s why he doesn’t trade in Nifty or other stocks.

Ghanshyam Tech’s Money Management Strategy

Suppose if he started his trading with a capital of Rs.100000 and he makes a profits of about Rs.20000 in a week. Then, he will withdraw that profit of Rs.20000 from his trading account. And he will start trading with original capital of Rs.100000 only and he will continue to withdraw his profits till he recovers his original trading capital of Rs.100000 completely. After recovering his original trading capital, he will take big trades and will not withdraw the profits he make to his trading capital. He says that “The real money and the big money in stock market is made with profits and not with the original capital “.

How he take big trades in Intraday Trading?

He deploys around 4-5 crores in his intraday trades in option buying and has a stoploss of 10-20% of deployed capital. He maintains a proper Stoploss which his setup shows and he takes only that much risk in a day which he can easily manage or which doesn’t make him panic. He doesn’t deploy his full capital everyday as that depends on the market, if the market shows any extraordinary move , then only he take trades with his full capital otherwise he will trade with 1/5th of his trading capital.

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Ghanshyam Tech’s highest Intraday Profit

He made a highest intraday profit of Rs.1.35 crore , he also made much higher intraday profits but in public he had shown only this much of highest intraday profit. He also uploaded a live screen recording of his profits on his YouTube channel – Art of Trading. You can see his highest profit video here:-

Biggest mistake a retailer does?

According to Ghanshyam Tech, the biggest mistake which a retailer makes in stock market is that they don’t exit their losing trades quickly, they hold their losing trades with a hope that it will come in profit and keep on averaging that positions. He says that if you start booking your loss happily, then the market will also give you money easily and if you fight with the market then, the market will just kick you out of the market and blow your account.

Ghanshyam Tech’s trading style

Ghanshyam Tech is a momentum trader and he trades momentum and as soon as the momentum start fizzing out or ends, he just exits his trades  then and there either in profit or loss. His understanding of momentum is very good and he tries to just catch the momentum in his trades. And as a option buyer we only need momentum.

He also holds his profitable trades also only till the momentum lasts. He never decides the target of a trade, he decides only the stoploss or the risk. And he says that the target depends on the market. For example, sometimes he capture 20 points only and sometimes 200 to 400 points also. He says that whatever target market gives he respects that.

His pre-market analysis

Ghanshyam Tech says that it is really important to see the daily time frame to get the broader perspective about the trend. So, everyday he just reads the daily timeframe and 5 minutes timeframe of Banknifty to get his support and resistance and then, he take trades based on that analysis in live market.

His trading time

Ghanshyam Tech is a morning(or opening) trader, he take trades at opening candle only or sometimes at 9:20 a.m. after a 5 minute candle confirmation. And his 80% of profit or loss whatever happens is done between 9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Mostly, his trades are done by 10:30 a.m. and after that he just take trades with 10% of his profit as stoploss for next trades and once it hits he closes his trading terminal. This is how he also saves his profit.

His analysis

His major losses are only on either Mondays or Fridays. So, now he trades with less quantities on Mondays and Fridays. His success rate in trading Bajaj Finance is about 94%.

Ghanshyam Tech’s favourite setup

He tried many setups but nothing worked for him and he doesn’t use any indicators. His best setup which worked wonders for him is Price action, Trend Lines and Support-Resistances. He says that indicators restricts him to take some trades as they show confirmation after the momentum is ended. That’s why he doesn’t use any indicators.

Trading Psychology

Ghanshyam Tech believes that “Money is not made with setups, it is made with proper mindset”. And he says that psychology is made with discipline. He advices that in order to build good trading psychology, a trader should take small trades, i.e., with less quantities because that is what builds the psychology. As with big quantities you are not learning you just wanted to make money.

To know more about Ghanshyam Tech, you can watch his full interview here:-

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